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[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

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[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

According to Taj Gibson, there’s a homeless man somewhere in Queens to thank for his dunking skills. 「」 he told Mark Bazer of Chicago Magazine. 「.’」

根据Gibson的说法,是纽约皇后区一个无家可归的人教会了他如何扣篮「我当时在一个公园,「他接受芝加哥杂誌记者Mark Bazer採访时说。「他告诉我,你起跳的方法不正确,我们在那里至少呆了几个小时,然后他说,现在没问题了,注意安全。」

He may have learned to dunk in Queens, but his basketball roots go way back.Gibson可能只是在皇后区学会了扣篮,但他的篮球种子很早就已经发芽。

Taj Gibson was born in Brooklyn in 1985 to a carpenter and a stay-at-home mom.

Taj Gibson,1985年出生于布鲁克林,家庭组成是一名木匠和全职母亲。

In Gibson’s New York neighborhood, having both parents in the home was unique. Longtime family friend, Greg Watson, told Bazer: 「Where we grew up, Taj’s was the only family that had a mom and dad.」

在Gibson长大的地方,孩子同时拥有双亲是很罕见的。他从小的朋友Greg Watson告诉Bazer:「我们成长的过程中,Gibson是唯一父亲和母亲都在家中的。」

As a result, Gibson’s mother, Sharon, was known to open her home to neighborhood kids who were experiencing difficult times.


It was his parents, too, who encouraged Gibson to work hard. After years of playing ball (and getting into fights) with neighborhood boys, Gibson went on to join several elite youth basketball camps, like the Amateur Athletic Union’s Gauchos.

在父母的鼓励下,Gibson变得十分努力。和附近的同龄人打了几年时常变成打架的篮球球后,Gibson加入了几个优秀的篮球青训营,像Amateur Athletic Union’s Gauchos。

As a result, Gibson found himself at his first Five-Star All-American camp when he was only 14 years old. At that point in his young life, there was no looking back.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器 Earning his place找到自己的位置

Gibson’s high school career began at the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Brooklyn. From there, he moved to Tarzana, California, and enrolled in Stoneridge Prep before attending Calvary Christian High School in San Fernando.

Gibson的高中开始于布鲁克林的High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology,随后搬到了加州,在注册成功和準备工作就绪后,他去了旧金山的Calvary Christian High School就读。

In 2006, Gibson signed as a Trojan at the University of Southern California. While playing as one of the oldest college freshman in the country (age 21), Gibson was also a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. During his time at USC, he helped the Trojans win the Pacific-10 Tournament Championship and was named 2009 Pac-10 Defensive Player of the year.

2006年,Gibson被南加州大学作为(篮球)体育生录取,作为年龄最大(21岁)的新生之一,他也是Phi Kappa Psi的成员(译注:一个能提前毕业的优秀学生团体)。他在南加州上学期间,帮助球队赢得了Pac-10联盟锦标赛冠军,而他也获得了Pac-10联盟2009年度最佳防守球员。

After entering the NBA draft that same year, Gibson was selected by the Chicago Bulls as the 26th pick in the first round. For the eight years that followed, Gibson proudly wore a Chicago jersey.


In fact, he spent nearly a decade of his life—and all of his NBA career—as a Bull.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

Early years生涯早期

Much of his rookie season, Gibson served as the Bulls’ starting power forward. A high-energy player with excellent defensive skills, Gibson helped Chicago secure the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and went on to play in the first playoffs run of his NBA career.


That year, the Bulls fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round, but Gibson went on to be selected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team.


When the Bulls signed Carlos Boozer in 2010, Gibson found his starting spot in jeopardy. He played only 15 games as a starter (following a preseason injury that benched Boozer), before handing over the reins.

随着公牛在2010年签下Carlos Boozer,Gibson的首发地位开始动摇,他只打了15场首发(Boozer在季前赛受伤,缺席了一段时间),随后Gibson就交出了首发位置。

Despite losing his starting position in Chicago, Gibson was selected as a starter for the 2011 NBA Rising Stars Challenge. Afgbitionally, he helped the Bulls secure the first seed in the Eastern Conference play-offs.

儘管在球队中失去了首发位置,但Gibson入选了2011年 NBA新秀赛的首发。此外,他还帮助公牛拿到东部第一,并打进东部决赛。

Throughout his career, Gibson became a valuable sixth man for the Bulls organization. In 2012, he signed a multi-year contract extension and went on to average 8 points and 5.3 rebounds for the season.


That same year, he narrowly lost out on official sixth man honors when he took second place to Jamal Crawford as the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

On to OKC 来到雷霆

On February 23, 2017, during the final minutes of the trade deadline, Gibson started packing.


He’d just been traded after spending every game of his NBA career on the Chicago Bulls roster. Alongside fellow Bull, Doug McDermott, and an unprotected 2018 second round draft pick, Gibson was sent to Oklahoma City in exchange for Anthony Morrow, Cameron Payne, and Joffrey Lauvergne.


CBS Chicago reported that John Paxson, Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Bulls and victim of Twitter’s fury following the controversial decision, was 「like a father figure」 to Gibson.

芝加哥的CBS报导称,从推特上可以看出,这笔交易对公牛的篮球运营副总裁John Paxson伤害很大,Gibson一直把他当作「父亲一样的人物」。

Following the announcement, Gibson posted an emotional response on Instagram:

交易正式完成后,Gibson在Instagram上深情致谢:「Today was such an emotional day for me. From the time I heard my name called by David Stern, I have been so proud and honored to be a Chicago Bull. To Jerry Reinsdorf, John Paxson, Gar Forman, Coach Thibs, and Coach Hoiberg, you have all helped me grow into who I am today. There is no way I can ever thank you enough for the opportunities you have presented to me. I will be indebted to all of you forever!

「今天对我来说是充满感情色彩的一天。从我的名字被大卫-斯特恩叫起的那天开始,我一直都非常骄傲也非常荣幸的能成为芝加哥公牛队的一员。对Jerry Reinsdorf(公牛老闆)、John Paxson(副总裁)、Gar Forman(总经理)和Tom Thibodeau(公牛前主帅)和Fred Hoiberg(公牛现主帅)来说,是你们所有人帮助我成为了现在这样的球员。对你们给我提供的机会,除了感谢我真的不知该说什幺好,我会永远感激你们所有人!

To the Fans of Chicago, you have made playing for the Bulls everything I could’ve dreamed of and more. From the incredible support that we get every night at the United Center to the reaction I always receive walking down the streets, it would be impossible for all of you to make me feel more special. Every single one of you will always have a piece of my heart.


I have also had such an incredible group of teammates and assistant coaches, who all created moments that I could have never imagined coming true.


So, here is just a real heartfelt thank you to all of you for letting a New York City kid live out his dreams as a Chicago Bull.


Now, it’s off to OKC and a new chapter in my life and I’m so excited to see what lies ahead. All I can tell the Thunder fans is that you’ll get everything I’ve got every single day and I’m looking forward to our journey together!接下来,我将前往俄克拉荷马开启我生命中的新篇章,对于新的未来我十分兴奋。我能对所有雷霆球迷说的是,你们会在我的每一天都为我付出一切,我非常期待着与你们的这一段旅程!

[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

What he offers 他能提供什幺

At the age of 31 (he turns 32 on June 24), he’s the second oldest player on the Oklahoma City Thunder roster. At 36, Nick Collison is his only senior.

31岁的年龄(今年6月24日就满32岁),是俄克拉荷马第二老的球员,只有Nick Collison(36岁)比他年龄还大。

Gibson stands at 6 ft 9 in , making him one of the tallest on OKC’s roster, and packs 236 pounds onto his lean frame.


There’s no denying he brings experience, talent, and power to a young Oklahoma City roster. But, that’s not all Gibson has to offer. Most noteworthy is the fact Gibson can provide much needed mentorship to the younger players, aiding in their development and offering valuable peer coaching.


Now, with Thunder veteran Nick Collison’s future unclear, Gibson’s mentorship is even more valuable.


Not to mention, he has been to the playoffs six times. In fact, Gibson’s taken the postseason trip nearly every year of his NBA career. That kind of experience is priceless for a roster as young and arguably inexperienced as the Thunder.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

Personal strength 强大的自我

It’s clear that Gibson’s talent and experience make him a perfect fit for Oklahoma City. But, Sam Presti selects players based on more than just their basketball chops. Of course, Gibson is no different.


Because, he’s strong. And, he knows the meaning of sacrifice.因为他有坚实的内心,并懂得牺牲的意义。

Following the trade, Gibson admitted, 「At night, I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up all teary-eyed knowing I won’t see them again and I was like, 『What if?』 What if I could’ve done something. Who knows? Just even call them and tell them to hang out with me in Chicago for a while. Something.」

再谈起那笔交易,Gibson说 「那天晚上,我没有睡着。含着泪的眼睛让我一直保持清醒,我在想,可能再也无法见到他们了,什幺?如果我能做点什幺,可谁知道怎幺做呢?就连打电话叫他们出去都不行,因为我已经不在芝加哥了。就是这样。」

Of note, this trial comes after Gibson had already endured numerous tragedies. In 2010, in a mere six-week period of time, Gibson lost three of his closest friends. One died in a car accident, and two were victims of shootings.


Then, in June 2014, Gibson’s six-year-old cousin, Prince Avitto, was stabbed to deathin an elevator of a public housing building. He was on his way to get ice cream.


While these incidents were tragic, Gibson has remained grounded and continues to play with a passion that’s hard to match.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

Philanthropy 慈善事业

Gibson is a man of humility and heart. Due to the devastating events of his past, coupled with the values instilled in him by his parents, he knows the impact of hope.


「I had great parents, and they instilled a lot of great things in me,」 Gibson told theBulls. 「They taught me to help others, and that’s what I’m trying to do.」


During his time in Chicago, Gibson participated in the organization’s 「adopt-a-family」 campaign.


「It’s such an important time of year,」 Gibson said. 「There are a lot of families struggling to get gifts for their kids and I want to help in any way that I can. If it means putting a smile on the faces of a family or taking the burden off of their back, it’s important. I was in that position growing up and I didn’t really have a lot of toys as a kid. Now, I’m in a position to help others.


「To be able to reach out and touch an individual family is huge. It’s about spreading joy. It’s good karma.」「将整个家庭的责任扛起是伟大的,同时也会带来快乐,我想看到的就是这样的结果。」

Notably, that charitable attitude hasn’t changed since Gibson became a Thunder player. Alongside McDermott, Gibson spent time on the Rolling Thunder Books Bus in March, greeting students from Orvis Risner Elementary and encouraging them to read.

然后,Gibson对于慈善态度并没有因为他加盟雷霆而改变。和McDermott一起,他们三月份参加了俄城当地的Rolling Thunder Books Bus活动,和Orvis Risner Elementary的孩子们聊天,并鼓励他们阅读。

Now, as the 』16-』17 season nears its end, there will be plenty of opportunities for Gibson to give back off the court.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器


Most of all, Gibson is a defensive powerhouse. He fights for rebounds. He doesn’t give up. And Gibson is a perfect solution to fill the gap left by the intimidating presence ofKendrick Perkins.


Due to these skills, he’s already made his mark with several memorable plays, including this jaw-dropping bucket from the other end of the court:


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器  Gibson played 25 regular season games with Oklahoma City  averaging 9 points per game. Afgbitionally, he’s grabbed an average of 4.5 rebounds per game. With a near 72% free throw efficiency and 49.5 field goal percent, he’s a well-rounded afgbition to both the bench and the starting lineup.


[精品译文] Taj Gibson的领导力:雷霆的秘密武器

What the future holds关于未来

Now, Chance the Rapper calls Gibson his 「big bro.」 And, some of Gibson’s best friends since youth are still by his side today. As a result of his past, he keeps his friends close.


In fact, Watson is Gibson’s personal assistant and even shared an apartment with him in Chicago.


「: 」 Gibson told Bazer.


Now, Gibson wears a blue


After the playoffs, Gibson will become an unrestricted free agent.  Thus, forcing the question—should he stay, or should he go?


Well, I don’t know about you, but if my name is Sam Presti, I’m getting my pen ready.

嗯,我不知道你怎幺想,但如果我是Sam Presti,我会把我的笔準备好。